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What is a Promise Ring & Why Should You Buy One for Her?

The magic of love is indescribable. When you are thinking about your boyfriend or girlfriend, you will find that there is always a need to keep them just a little bit closer to your heart. Every person has felt that spark with someone and never wanted it to end. The first gift that most couples will share with each other is a promise ring. What is a promise ring? Let’s take a look into this sacred ring that can be seen adorned on the fingers of men and women across the world.

What is a Promise Ring?

You may have heard of a promise ring before, but what is this big promise anyway? Typically seen with younger couples, promise rings normally signify a promise of love and commitment. These are not wedding rings, but a ring that signifies a promise made between two star-crossed lovers that will hold a very sentimental value.

The reason for your promise can be anything, but the most common reasons to give a ring of this type to someone else is:

  • Commitment
  • Pre-engagement
  • Faithfulness
  • Abstinence
  • Love
  • Friendship

This is a symbol that your heart belongs to her or him. When you look down at your finger, you will always be reminded of the special promise made.

Interestingly enough, rings that signify a promise were first seen in ancient Greek mythology and current renditions are only mentioned as far back as 1970. While the name may have changed over the course of centuries, it seems as if rings have been used to signify a promise since the times of Zeus and Prometheus.

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Why You Should Buy Her a Promise Ring

Men often wonder when they should buy her a promise ring. Being a man, you know that a ring holds a very deep significance. Ideally, you should only give her a ring when you want to make a life-long promise that you know deep in your heart you will keep. For example, check out the list (20 beautiful promise rings for her)

Now, I would be lying if I said that there is a perfect time to give her this type of ring. You will know the right time when it approaches, but there are many reasons why you would buy her a promise ring.

The reasons to give her a promise ring include:

  • You are bursting with love and want a way to express it.
  • You want to prove that you are serious about commitment.
  • You have broken her trust in the past and want to promise loyalty.
  • You want to make a major promise of any type.


I, too, gave a girl a promise ring once in my life.

My very first girlfriend. I was sure that one day I would marry her, have a huge family, a white picket fence and of course, a family dog. In my imagination, I could see her greeting me as I came home from work with the same promise ring wrapped around her pretty little finger.

After a month of dating, I thought things were getting serious and bought her a promise ring with the intention of getting married one day. We went on a date together and I presented the ring in the most serious manner possible. Thinking back on it, I probably looked a bit silly, but we were both immersed in the moment. Her eyes glistened with excitement as I put the ring on her finger. She smiled, laughed and even shed a few tears. This was a moment that the two of us still talk about today. We were young lovers in a world that was all our own.

Of course, I was young and this story does not have the happy ending of a Disney movie. However, her and I are still friends to this day, and guess what – the ring’s promise has changed.

Instead of being a promise of marriage, the ring turned into a promise of friendship. This was something that the two of us knew we could commit to, and we still go out to dinner once a week.

The promise ring I gave her was, to me, a sure thing, but nothing is certain. For that one brief moment in time, I was immersed in true love and the ring I chose was a display of my affection.


A Few Points to Consider

My love may have not lasted forever, but I did learn the rules of a promise ring at an early age. These rings are very sentimental. Before giving one to her, you must follow these rules:

  1. Make sure she is worthy of such a ring, and really think about your promise.
  2. When presenting the ring, you must clearly articulate your promise.
  3. Never make a promise without the intention of keeping it.
  4. Never put a promise ring on a ring finger. This finger is reserved for marriage only.

When your soul has a promise to make to another person, a promise ring is the best choice (20 beautiful promise rings for her). These rings hold the same sentimental value as a wedding ring and are a testament of your promise to her.



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