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How to Buy Aquamarine Rings

Choosing the appropriate engagement ring is a one-in-a-lifetime chance to do things right. After brooding for some time, this purchase calls for careful planning so it is a wise idea to do a little research before taking so big a step.

Why buy aquamarine rings?

To begin with, an aquamarine is a beautiful gemstone which is much easier to mine than other stones, therefore, it is much less expensive and more common to find. Also, tradition has it that aquamarines bring harmony into a relationship and this is the reason why they are largely chosen by many couples. Aquamarine engagement rings are said to represent a long-lasting happy marriage.

We present you with a practical useful guide on how to buy aquamarine rings more effectively.

Shop Safely As with any other piece of jewelry, purchase your gemstones only in trustworthy renowned jewel shops. Avoid tempting or extravagant discounts which offer little or no guarantee on the piece you are buying.

Spot a High-quality Stone:  Aquamarines are clean so do not present major inclusions. If you can see an inclusion at first sight, it means that the stone has been mistreated. This does not require an expert eye. Thanks to the gemstone’s color, inclusions are more easily spotted than in its darker counterparts.


aquamarine stones



Color is Key Few qualities are as important as color. Aquamarines should be light pastel blue with a trace of green only. This particular trait will determine the gem’s value factor.


aquamarine gems



Size Makes a Difference: Since aquamarine is more saturated in larger sizes, getting the best color out of smaller stones might be unlikely.


Carat Weight: Just How Much is enough? It depends on the piece of jewelry you are planning to purchase. Since these gemstones are more affordable than many others, you can get large carat stones at a reasonable price. As in most other stones, the carat weight will determine the price of the ring. However, and unlike other gemstones, there isn’t a significant difference between a small piece and a larger one. For example, the difference in price between a 1 carat and a 30 carat aquamarine is about 1/3 higher. A real bargain if compared to other gemstones.


Choose a High-quality Cut: As with most gemstones, the cut will create a large impact on the gem’s capacity to reflect light, that is, its brilliance. In order to determine how brilliant an aquamarine is, hold up the stone to the light and see how it reflects from different angles. Well-cut aquamarines are very shiny.

aquamarine gems square


Choose a Shape to Suit your Taste: When you think about aquamarine rings, you should consider they come in different shapes. Even when oval, round, pear and emerald are the most sought-after, you can ask for customized shapes depending on the engagement ring you are planning to get.


Set a Realistic Budget: Last but not least, make sure you have a clear idea about how much you are planning to spend before you start your quest. Also, find out about metal quality and options. Choosing among the aquamarine engagement rings available on the market is not only about the stone. Remember you will also have to decide on the kind of ring and this may alter your initial budget accordingly.






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